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  • Act Decisively. When something is wrong, speak up and act. The Action Principles
    Saturday, July 04 2015
  • Act Decisively. Tell those you love how much you appreciate them. The Action Principles
    Friday, July 03 2015
  • Act Decisively.Turn off the TV and read a bedtime story to your child. The Action Principles
    Thursday, July 02 2015
  • Happy 4th of July to everyone. This is a good time to make your resolution to buy six properties and retire comfortably in 20 years or less
    Thursday, July 02 2015
  • Many immigrants are smart enough to buy investment real estate - lots of it. So, whose going to be rich in 20 years®
    Wednesday, July 01 2015
  • Act Decisively. Offer your seat, hold open the door, smile and share. The Action Principles
    Wednesday, July 01 2015
  • If you are ambitious and your friends aren't, you'll never convince them to change. Find new friends.
    Wednesday, July 01 2015

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