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  • Friday, October 09 2015
  • Those who really care will know who you are. Leave the naysayers to their self-created misery.
    Wednesday, September 30 2015
  • Save your breath and logic. You cannot change naysayers.
    Tuesday, September 29 2015
  • Little people are more comfortable operating behind your back. They whisper, gossip, nit-pick and undermine.
    Monday, September 28 2015
  • You are NOT at fault for making the lazy malcontents look bad and feel unrecognized.
    Sunday, September 27 2015
  • A few will be resentful and jealous of who you are and what you are accomplishing.
    Saturday, September 26 2015
  • You don't want to surround yourself with average advisers who don't have faith in your abilities and are generally pessimistic people.
    Friday, September 25 2015

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