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How to Flip Houses, Part 1

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Video Transcript

How to Flip Houses, Part 1

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

In the next few videos, I am going to teach you the basics on how to flip houses

Let me begin with a caution

My TEACHING does NOT mean that everyone will LEARN or that everyone will be successful

Here are the reasons why most will NOT succeed

Reason #1

My teaching is NOT for everyone - my teaching is directed toward an elite group of HIGH achieving HARD workers -

This teaching is NOT for everyone

This teaching is NOT most people

In fact, this teaching will only work for a Very Few people

So, Reason #1 is hard work and only a very FEW are willing to work hard enough

Reason #2

My teaching is not for "idiots" who think they can watch a couple of videos and get rich

Learning how to flip houses requires that you become an EXPERT on values in a small specific investment area

Acquiring this necessary knowledge takes work - so, again work - hard work - eliminates all but a few people

Have you taken the free 15 lesson Master Real Estate Course on

Absorbed and adapted and implemented the information

Do that first

Then give back by making a donation or at least ordering a course certificated

If you won't do that - good bye and good luck

Reason #3 -

ONLY very few people, have the balls to act independently

The vast majority of people will NOT act without "Guarantees"

They need absolute proof - assurances and reassurances

They need constant approval and hand holding

Is this house a good deal - a good house to flip?

Who are you asking if the house you are looking at is a great deal?

The real estate agent driving the 10-year old car - wearing the $99 Joseph A Bank suit?

Who are you asking?

Your brother-in-law the plumber who is negative about everything and would resent the fact that you intend to get rich and retire young

These people offer you nothing but DOUBT

Here is the truth

Man or woman - you've got to have the self-confidence in your own research to identify a GREAT deal when you see it listed

or a GREAT deal when you make it GREAT through your offers

OK, you GOT it

or you haven't GOT IT

IT = being hard work, intelligence, ambition and balls

If you're still with me - go to Part II - otherwise, again, good-buy and good luck.

How to Flip Houses, Part 1

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