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How to Flip Houses, Part 2

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Video Transcript

How to Flip Houses, Part 2

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

OK, you are watching Part 2 on

How to Flip a House Part 2

You are watching this because

You are hard working

You are ambitious

You are willing to study

You are tough

Tough means that you are ready, willing and able to take direct independent ACTION based on your research

You DON'T need your little sister's approval or the A-OK from the guy on the bar stool next to you

You have completed and are implementing the advice in free 15 lesson Master Real Estate Course on

You are a realist - a real person so you understand - 2 way street - giving back

In thanks, you have made a donation or at least ordered a course certificate for the Master Real Estate Course

With all of that said

Flipping is buying a property with the expressed purpose of re-selling that property and making a profit

What type of property makes for a good flip

Here is the answer

ANY property has the potential for a profitable flip


Forget the TV shows where the flip house has to be a rat infested dump

Where you must deal with incompetent shady contractors - forget it

If you can buy a $2 million mansion for $1.4 million

that's going to make for one hell of a flip.

The potential for a great flip is in the DEAL

BUYING at the RIGHT price

IF you pay TOO much -

WELL, no amount of upgrading is likely to save your ass

The potential for a great flip is in the DEAL

NOT - I repeat NOT in the CONDITION of the property

When you study values you will - you WILL find great deals

In fact, there are ALWAYS great deals for hard working investors willing to put in the study time to FIND them or MAKE them

So, let's STOP thinking that flipping is about CRAP properties

Maybe - maybe - maybe

a house in need of REHAB is a great deal

Maybe a house in GREAT condition is a great deal

Now, STOP and think about it

Wouldn't you prefer to flip a great looking house -

Well, wouldn't you?

ARE you smart

Hard working


Study the free Master Real Estate Course on

Study values in your small, specific investment area as taught in the free Master Real Estate Course on

To succeed at flipping -

think ALL properties not just crappy properties

Let's go onto Part 3

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How to Flip Houses, Part 2

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