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How to Flip Houses, Part 3

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How to Flip Houses, Part 3

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

There is an ASSUMPTION made by the uniformed that a home seller's motivation is ALWAYS


to get TOP dollar

This is NOT true

YES, the majority of sellers, maybe even 80% to 90% of sellers are motivated solely by money

BUT, this is NOT ALL sellers

Again, as one of my students

An Action Principles Champion

A Master of Success

As a thinking person of action

This is important


Selling a home is NOT a particularly pleasant experience

Snobby, pushy real estate agents -

yes they exist

Buyers who are NOT really buyers just snooping nosy jerks who come into your home and make critical comments and allow their bratty kids to touch your stuff

Yes, this happens

Prospects who make offers - and then after weeks or months of delay can't get financed

Yes, this happens

YES, the REALITY of the home selling process can get OLD quickly

To the Seller

YOU MUST become the BETTER alternative

YOU a professional real estate investor - YOU - who can get the job of buying the house

DONE without drama or delay

What other reasons are there besides TOP dollar

for a seller to want a


Let's see

Death, illness, relocation, lost job, retirement, divorce, foreclosure, owning two house and paying two mortgages vacant house, home in need of repairs, rental property with problem tenants, house on the market for months without an offer

And on and on

So, there are reasons besides TOP dollar

Good reasons

Why a seller might sell you a house

Even a house in Very GOOD condition

Without holding out for top dollar

Here is why a seller will want to deal with you


YOU are a predictable, stable professional investor who can make an offer and see that offer through to closing

Yes, you need to be exude the confidence - so that the seller understands

This guy or gal is NO BS

You want that seller to think

YES,I want to avoid the drama and delays

I WILL sell to him or her

As an investor, will you NOT

ALWAYS know a seller's motivation

AND that is perfectly OK

Here is your job


Start a dialogue and see

if you can make a WIN/WIN deal happen

OK, on to Part 4 of How to Flip a House

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How to Flip Houses, Part 3

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