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How to get rid of a bad tenant

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How to Get Rid of a Bad Tenant

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

If you take the time to find a GOOD tenant

[it's the credit report, stupid]

then you won't have many BAD tenants -

if you are careful with selection

95% or more of tenants will be good tenants

most tenants are average people who respect YOUR investment as THEIR home

However, if you have a lot of tenants -

Occasionally, you may have to deal with a BAD tenant -

A BAD tenant is

1 Engages in any repetitive behavior that bothers your GOOD tenants -

2 Doesn't pay the rent in full in a timely fashion

3 Breaks the rules of the rental agreement -

buys a pit bull -

sublets his couch to a bum -

goes into the meth business


They are a BAD tenant and

They HAVE to go

You are a landlord -

you are a BUSINESS person

You are NOT the police

You are NOT a minister

You are NOT the welfare department

You are NOT a social worker

You are NOT grandma

You are a BUSINESS person

When dealing with a bad tenant

You must be firm

You must be decisive

By the time you have to evict a BAD tenant,

they - like ALL of your tenants

should be well aware that you are STRICT and that YOUR word means something

If they leave a bicycle in the hallway

If they abandon a junk car on the property

If they put trash out in plastic trash bags and the raccoons get into it

These are small problems

These are small problems which you do NOT ignore

You send the OFFENDER a written notice

AND you expect them to comply


You maintain and management your property fairly and properly

The only excuse you want to hear is

"I'm sorry and it won't happen again."

YES, when you deal with a bad tenant

Your GOOD tenants will be happy and respect you

NOW, If the bad tenant CALLS you

OCD and an asshole -


VERY SOON they WILL be living somewhere else

How simple is this

You stop SMALL problems before they become BIG problems

OK, non-payment of rent

Of course, there will be excuses -

some EXCUSES may be sad and some may be complete BS

The validity of these claims is is NOT your business to figure out

You have a policy

Your policy is that the rent must be paid on or before the first day of each month

If the rent is not paid by the THIRD,

you send a letter or email or voicemail

If the rent is not paid by the TENTH,

you send a thirty day notice to quit

This is a STRICT policy

This is a strict policy that works

If your tenants believe you are STRICT,

they will scramble to get the money together.

They will dip into savings

They will borrow from friends and family

They will go to the church or social welfare agencies

They will suggest a BELIEVEABLE repayment plan

Bottom line - they will pay the rent

Bottom Line

If you think being strict is being mean

You AREN'T going to be a very good landlord

NOW, the real test

Let's say - somehow you got into situation where a tenant owed you $2,000

Answer this question

Would you be willing to pay that BAD tenant $500 CASH to move immediately?

Yes or No

Can you say to the tenant

"LISTEN, Bad Tenant, here is your choice

If you move out this weekend,

I will not chase you for the $2000 and I will give you $500 in moving expenses -

if you will move everything out by Saturday morning at 10AM -

I will be here with FIVE one hundred dollar bills"

If you Say NO -

I will NOT speak with you again -

I will call my lawyer -

and give him the $2,500 -

you WILL be evicted -

and there will be a court judgment against you for ALL the back rent

PLUS ALL the legal fees


As a landlord, do the math

forgiving rent and paying a moving BRIBE - may be worth the expense in time, money and in YOUR peace of mind


Your offer of rent forgiveness PLUS cash will be very tempting -

In fact - it has almost always works

Love your good tenants

Be decisive with bad tenants

If you are a landlord, please join me in helping other new landlords - please make a $10 or $20 donation to continue this non-profit work

Thank you.

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How to get rid of a bad tenant

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