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I Love Hutchinson

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

In my early career I bought a six-family house

One of the existing tenants I acquired with the property was

A crabby old coot named Hutchinson

Kinda like what I'm like now

That was Hutchinson

Hutchinson was a REAL pain in MY ass

He called me up at least ONCE a week

Sometimes TWICE

Sometime MORE with some PETTY complaint

His windows leaked

The hallway was dirty

Someone parked in his parking space

He saw an ant in his kitchen

Hutchinson was a REAL pain in MY ass

After a few months of catering to Hutchinson's many requests

I decided to confront him

Why all the complaints?

He said, "Complaints, what complaints, I'm trying to live in a nice place

And, don't you want to own a nice place?"

And, listen to me, I have ever right to complain

I've lived in this house for 18 years and do the math

Over those years, I've paid $54,481 in rent."

Driving home from the property, It STRUCK me.

I had purchased that six-family house for $52,000!

And here - wonderful - beautiful - my best buddy - Hutchinson was just ONE - ONE - ONE of my 6 tenants

God Bless Hutchinson

Over the years, Hutchinson

Hutchinson ALONE had paid more in rent than I had paid for the whole property.

Yes, Hutchinson remained a pain in the ass.

But, from that day on I loved Hutchinson.

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I Love Hutchinson


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